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Wizards and Warriors Summer Camps and Adventures

NOTE: The BBC granted The Story School permission to use The Doctor from Doctor Who as a character at our camp. As such, we are expecting the season to fill up. So sign up for Wizards & Warriors or Zombie Summer Camp today by calling (781) 270-4800. 

Campers:  Experience an unforgettable adventure at Wizards & Warriors summer camp in Burlington and Waltham, Massachusetts. Create your own character in an ongoing storyline that never repeats. Choose your special skills and defensive weapons. Decide what to do next when opportunity (or trouble) arises. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow heroes as you fight treacherous villains, solve ancient mysteries, defend the fragile land, and win long lost treasure. Forge your destiny, young Hero… your adventure awaits you!

Parents & Guardians:  Take a moment and imagine how your child will feel when, in a moment of strife, they discover their courage…

When they stand before a villain and fight for those who cannot defend themselves…

When they speak for those who suffer from lack of a voice…

When they face failure and continue forward because they know, deep in their heart, that they can survive this setback and try again…

When they bond with other kids and teens who feel the same call to action and desire to be greater than the moment before them…

When they celebrate their victory with an intense feeling of accomplishment – because they had a part in this story and they made a difference…

When they realize that learning is an intriguing, life long endeavor that is exciting to explore outside of the boundaries of school.

Your child is a hero. Give them the chance to prove it to themselves and you will see your child grow into the hero they want to be.

Because our stories are your child’s practice for real life.

The next step is simple… just fill out the below form and you will receive either a free DVD detailing the story from last year’s camp, or a complimentary Adventure Night for your young hero at our facility in Burlington, Massachusetts. We will contact you and find out which works best for you – or just give you additional information if that’s all you want.  We look forward to helping your hero live their adventure at our creative summer camp!
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 A far away land has called for your help.

Will you travel across dangerous terrain and face great peril?

Are you the Hero needed to free this land of evil creatures?

Take up your sword, brave Warrior,

And hold you staff high, wise Wizard,

Tales will be told for years to come of your great deeds…

Welcome to Sidleterra!

Wizards & Warriors Camp provides exciting story based education built on the concept of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell.  In order to fight monsters and solve mysteries, our young heroes choose to learn physics (magic), chemistry (potion making), biology (healing), and much more.  All of the characters and monsters they interact with are out of real world history, mythology, and literature.

We have a Day Summer Camp for ages 7-15 at our Burlington Facility (near the Burlington Mall) and an Extended Day Summer Camp (called “Quest camp“) for ages 7-15 as well as an Overnight Summer Camp for ages 10-19 at our Waltham location.  We also have one of the most intensive and exciting Counselor-In-Training (we call them “Monster Campers“) programs available.

Our overnight summer camp facility is located in Waltham, Massachusetts at Gann Academy and features indoor and outdoor field space, fully air conditioned indoor spaces, multiple indoor gymnasiums, and updated science classrooms for our camper education. It is situated near I-95, about 10 miles from our Burlington Facility.  All of our creative summer camps are owned and operated by Guard Up Inc. and/or The Story School, Inc. – a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for story based education. Guard Up has been running safe and fun camps and programs for youth since 2001.

Friends at the creative summer camp: Wizards & Warriors


Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp:

Where adventure, learning and friends await! 
(and monsters… don’t forget the monsters…)


Read the Boston Globe story and Photo Gallery about our creative Summer Camp!  Or check out how Wizards & Warriors Camp and our Zombie Summer Camp get mentioned in Wired Magazine Online!

Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp is a licensed summer camp owned and operated by Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship and The Story School, Inc. a nonprofit organization.   You might also be interested in our Zombie Summer Camp where heroes fight Zombies with NERF blasters.

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“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.”  Joseph Cambell


Note:  Our classes, events, and camps uses foam weapons and masks which are constructed with latex.

This summer camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health.